Key Regional Trails

Water Fowl at Green Island Road

The Napa River Trail, managed by the Napa Open Space District, the City of American Canyon and the City of Napa, is part of a network of trails from the San Francisco Bay Area to the City of Calistoga. Partnering with the San Francisco Bay Trail Project, the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council and the Napa Valley Vine Trail Coalition, the system overlaps in places and diverges in others to follow the Ridgelines, the Napa River or up Highway 29 through the heart of the Valley. Completed segments that are open to public use can be found throughout the Valley, starting in American Canyon and ending in Calistoga.

Completed sections include:

  • The American Canyon Wetlands Open Space with a five-mile network of Class I (paved) trails showcasing the Napa River and associated marshes.
  • A .7-mile segment that runs under the Butler Bridge.
  • Kennedy Park to Third St. in downtown Napa is 1.6 miles.
  • The River to Ridge Trail 5-mile one-way connectivity trail, from Kennedy Park to Skyline Park. Skyline Park has an entrance fee so you will need to have the associated fee or your yearly pass with you when utilizing the trail.
  • Along the Napa River from Lincoln Avenue to Trancas Street.

The Napa Valley Vine Trail is a Class I (paved) trail that will eventually create a contiguous trail from the Vallejo Ferry Terminal to the City of Calistoga.

  • The Oak Knoll section of the Napa Valley Vine Trail follows Solano Avenue between the road way and the railroad track and connects the City of Napa with the Town of Yountville. Currently under construction, the trail is scheduled to open in the winter of 2015.
  • The Yountville Bike Trail, locally known as the Yountville mile, is a segment of the Napa Valley Vine Trail and is a separate paved section that parallels Highway 29.
  • The Calistoga Bike Trail, part of the Napa Valley Vine Trail system follows the wastewater treatment plant access road and connects Washington Ave.

The San Francisco Bay Trail is a 500-mile trail that when complete will circle San Francisco Bay at or near the bay edge and is located along the Marshlands in American Canyon, the City of Napa and into Carneros. These trails include:

  • Kennedy Park to Stanley Lane along West Imola Avenue to Golden Gate Drive and arrives at the Stanley Lane trail.
  • Located in a eucalyptus tree tunnel for the first ¾ of a mile or so, the Stanley Lane Trail is a former access road and travels 1.4 miles almost to the Napa River. The Trail ends at a local winery and river access is on private property so please stay on the trail. This trail is not recommended during wind events.
  • This connector trail segment runs on the roadway creating access to the Cuttings Wharf Boat Launch.
  • This trail also runs along Buchli Station Road to Ramal Road and into Sonoma County.

The Bay Area Ridge Trail, an unfinished 550 mile contiguous loop around the San Francisco Bay Area following the ridge lines, will be open to will be open to hikers, bikers and equestrians.  In Napa County, there are 5 segments of the Ridge Trail:

  • The River to Ridge Trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and is a 2.5-mile one-way connectivity trail connecting Kennedy Park with Skyline Park. Skyline is fee based so either have the associated fee or your yearly pass with you when utilizing the trail. Open to hikers, bikers and equestrians the trail threads between Syar Quarry and Napa State Hospital.  Parking can be found at Kennedy Park or at Skyline.
  • Skyline Trail and Bay Area Ridge Trail ascends the grassy hillsides along the southern boundary of the park and connects to the Tuteur Loop BayArea Ridge Trail. Tuteur Loop & Bay Area Ridge Trail is on private property and is passable by an easement donated by the owner.  Please stay on the trail to be respectful of the property owner.  The trail when combined with the Skyline trails creates a 10-mile loop into the ridge line of the southern Vaca Mountains.
  • Moore Creek Trail runs along a dirt access road to the caretaker cottage for approximately one mile.  At the cottage (private residence) the path splits to Valentine Vista and loop back to the parking lot or up Moore Creek.  The trail following Moore Creek is a combination of abandoned dirt road and single track that has multiple stream crossings and ends in a natural pool for a dip on a hot day.
  • Oat Hill Mine Trail follows 8.3 miles of a stage couch route between Calistoga and the western end of Aetna Springs Road in Pope Valley over an elevation of 1500 feet.
  • In Bothe Napa Valley State Park, the Ridge Trail parallels Ritchey Creek (which flows year-round even in our driest years), is largely shaded by a tall oak/conifer forest as it crosses the creek 2-3 times, sometimes using an old ranch road climbing from the Napa Valley floor up toward the Mayacamas Mountains.

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