Dog Friendly Parks


Napa County is home to many dog friendly parks and trails and for those of you with furry friends, there are a great variety of places to explore! To keep you and your dog safe, we do ask you to follow a few simple rules:

  • With only a few exceptions, dogs must remain on leash at all times (see the description of each park or trail for the exceptions). This will help protect your dog from ticks, poison oak, rattlesnakes, foxtails and burrs, and wild mammals including mountain lions, boars, and bears.
  • Please pick up after your pet. Don’t leave the poop bag on the side of the trail and then forget to pick it up. If you see a bag on the side of the trail, pick it up and throw it in a trash can.
  • Some people and dogs are afraid of other dogs. Communicate with each other as you walk with your dogs and be respectful of other’s space.
  • Our parks and trails are home to many native plants and animals. You and your dog are just visitors there, so please respect their home by not allowing your pet to trample plants or chase the wildlife.
  • Have a great time and enjoy the outdoors!

American Canyon:

  • Wetlands Open Space & Napa River Bay Trail


  • Alston Park
  • Kennedy Park
  • Westwood Hills
  • Timberhill Park
  • Napa River Trail
    • Soscal Ferry Road to Anselmo Court
    • Lincoln Ave. to Trancas St.
  • Trancas Crossing
  • Oxbow Preserve
  • Salvador Creek
  • Napa Bike Path
  • Napa Valley Vine Trail
    • Solano Ave.


  • Yountville Mile


  • Calistoga Bike Path
  • Oat Hill Mine Trail

Lake Berryessa—Day Use

  • Oak Shores Day Use Area
  • Smittle Creek Day Use Area
  • Berryessa Vista
  • North Shore Trail
  • South Shore Trail

Lake Berryessa—Campgrounds

If you are staying at Lake Berryessa campground, call ahead to find out their dog policy prior to bringing your pet